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Being of Service to Someone and not Everyone

Being of service is an integral part of the journey toward finding fulfillment when you are a entrepreneur in this day and age.  Think of a time when you participated in making someone’s life better? Did the behavior  make the activity fulfilling? An openness to learning about being of service begins when you start asking … Continue reading Being of Service to Someone and not Everyone

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5 steps to successful hire and utilize a virtual assistant

These steps for hiring and utilizing a virtual assistant will come in handy most virtual assistant are independent contractors or freelancers and you will need to know a couple of things about how to go about hiring them for your business and personal style. First steps to hiring a virtual assistant is that they should… Continue reading 5 steps to successful hire and utilize a virtual assistant


Do You Have Seven Seconds?

Do you have seven seconds to make a good first impression? First impressions are lasting impressions. Did you know that you have seven seconds to make the right first impression? When you make your initial entrance anywhere you broadcast verbal and non verbal signals that determine how others see you in the world, whether it… Continue reading Do You Have Seven Seconds?


Beneficial V.A. Outsourcing

Should I outsource or not?”  Have you ever thought about how hiring outside help could benefit your business? Imagine having more time in your day to concentrate on ways to make money for your business, instead of worrying about promotion and creating engaging social media content, your website updates, general administrative tasks. Imagine what you… Continue reading Beneficial V.A. Outsourcing

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Fun. Fashion. Five Bucks! Paparazzi Jewelry!

Paparazzi Jewelry compliments me and more! Hey y’all it’s your girl Rhonda and as you know I am a mother of 3; a newlywed this past September 2017 ( I love it) a direct seller for AVON and PAPARAZZI JEWELRY and CEO of Fly High Virtual Assistant Services. Yea alot on my plate but I… Continue reading Fun. Fashion. Five Bucks! Paparazzi Jewelry!


What’s an Entrepreneurial Business Plan?

Rather you are an entrepreneur, direct marketer or a business owner, we all need a business plan; this plan is not just for new startups trying to obtain funding from a bank or investors. A business plan is an invaluable tool meant to help you achieve results. If you are to take your business seriously… Continue reading What’s an Entrepreneurial Business Plan?