Beneficial V.A. Outsourcing

Should I outsource or not?”  Have you ever thought about how hiring outside help could benefit your business? Imagine having more time in your day to concentrate on ways to make money for your business, instead of worrying about promotion and creating engaging social media content, your website updates, general administrative tasks. Imagine what you… Continue reading Beneficial V.A. Outsourcing

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Fun. Fashion. Five Bucks! Paparazzi Jewelry!

Paparazzi Jewelry compliments me and more! Hey y’all it’s your girl Rhonda and as you know I am a mother of 3; a newlywed this past September 2017 ( I love it) a direct seller for AVON and PAPARAZZI JEWELRY and CEO of Fly High Virtual Assistant Services.  Yea alot on my plate but I… Continue reading Fun. Fashion. Five Bucks! Paparazzi Jewelry!


What’s an Entrepreneurial Business Plan?

Rather you are an entrepreneur, direct marketer or a business owner, we all need a business plan; this plan is not just for new startups trying to obtain funding from a bank or investors. A business plan is an invaluable tool meant to help you achieve results. If you are to take your business seriously… Continue reading What’s an Entrepreneurial Business Plan?

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Have you heard about Fun and Affordable Jewelry Named Paparazzi?

I am a  woman who wanted out of corporate america, a mother of three, a hard worker that sees the future of MLM and Direct Sales as well as a individual that wants to empower, enlighten and make individuals feel good about themselves everyday, whether through accessories or conversation.. My Motto is Negative Out, Positive… Continue reading Have you heard about Fun and Affordable Jewelry Named Paparazzi?


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This is an opportunity for everyone to meet new readers/followers by leaving their social media links in the comments section. I’m going to follow everyone who does and you should read and follow other links too. Everyone is welcome! This is for those who are interested in real/engaging and loyal readers/followers…