What is the Make up of Rhonda Moore?


This blog was created to inform individuals about Beauty and Fashion; I am  Rhonda your independent representative for two direct sales companies, AVON and PAPARAZZI, both of these companies will help me and you grow and learn about what is trendy, exciting and fascinating.

AVON site will provide you and your family, friends, and associates  with beauty, perfume, cologne, bath and body, fashion and the health essentials but what is great about AVON a company that has been around for 130 years is that we are constantly improving and updating our products so that you are always provided with the latest.

As an AVON representative I have the ability to bring you the latest in the items listed above via my website: www.youravon.com/rhondamoore  My AVON site has the latest brochures and trends each week and will be a helpful tool for you when you are looking for a fast and convenient way to buy beauty, fashion and body and body items for you and your household.

To provide you with the fashion to go with the beauty I have added a direct sales company called Paparazzi, trendy $5 jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories are always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5. With new styles added daily, you can shop anytime and look like a million without breaking the bank! Find that perfect pop of color, fall in love with a new statement piece, or step out of your comfort zone and try one of the hottest trends of the season – the choice is yours.

As an Paparazzi representative I can  provide you with the jewelry that will make you look fabulous, while at work, on a date, casual outing with friends, hanging with family, while running errands, who doesn’t want to have a nice accessory to go with an outfit as they go about their day? My Paparazzi site: https://paparazziaccessories.com/52625 , this site will feature the necklaces and earrings that will make all that possible, as well as provide you with the accessories of headbands, rings, bracelets, new releases, blockbuster sets that are all just $5 and trending in the fashion jewelry world.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope that I can provide you with a great sense of beauty and fashion going forward.








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