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Have you heard about Fun and Affordable Jewelry Named Paparazzi?

I am a  woman who wanted out of corporate america, a mother of three, a hard worker that sees the future of MLM and Direct Sales as well as a individual that wants to empower, enlighten and make individuals feel good about themselves everyday, whether through accessories or conversation.. My Motto is Negative Out, Positive In! So joining with this Network Marketing company that could accomplish a couple of my moral goals and positive aspirations worked well..

WHAT IS PAPARAZZI ~ Fun and Affordable Jewelry?

Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories is fun, fashionable $5 jewelry and hair accessories. We sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, headbands, and hair clips. The jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free and our necklaces come with matching earrings. Everything is ALWAYS only $5



WHY JOIN PAPARAZZI~ Fun and Affordable Jewelry?

Ready to join the Paparazzi team and earn an extra income and look FABULOUS while doing it! ~

There are 5 reasons why joining Paparazzi rocks. I call it a no-brainer.
1. The product! Women love cute $5 jewelry. It sells itself. There is no pressure, no guilt and no remorse in buying it. Cash and carry rocks at parties and events. Customers can try it on and take the product home that night. (no waiting or deliveries). Or customers can order online. People will host parties because they know their friends will love it and buy it. We have products for little girls, tweens, teens, adults and grandmas and even a little for men. It is a great impulse buy!
2. The company is newer. There is a lot of opportunity to sell the product, host parties, grow a team and to build a business. It is not saturated. Most people have never heard of it and have never been to a party before:)
3. High commission. 45% commission on sales and more when building a team.
4. When you join this team, you get lots of support. We have Facebook groups, weekly phone trainings, blogs, document sharing, newsletters, challenges, incentives, phone opportunity nights and more.
5. AND if you don’t want to “sell,” you can join Paparazzi to get everything you want at wholesale prices. That’s right! Every piece will only cost you $2.75. Plus you can get inexpensive gifts for birthdays, babies and holidays!!! Let your friends and family buy some of your jewelry and pay for your $5 habit:) There is an awesome monthly “Fashion Fix” optional autoship that you would love!!!!

Join Paparazzi 2


Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are ALL 100% nickel and lead free! (also Cadmium free too!) No tricks, nothing to hide. Some of my customers haven’t been able to wear any kind of jewelry for years BUT they can wear Paparazzi jewelry! AND best of all, ALL our jewelry is only $5! No more paying an arm and a leg for a piece of jewelry that might contain harmful metals!


Hosting  a Paparazzi $5 Accessories Facebook Party …Invite Your Facebook Friends To Your Facebook Party ..Hang out and have FUN while You and Your Friends Browse and Shop AMAZING $5 Accessories !! What does hosting a party get you??

1 free piece for booking the party (Item will given out after party is held)

1 free item for every 10 items sold

1 free item for every qualifying Party booked! (Items will be given out at qualifying Party)


Check out one of my live FB parties that I recently did ~

Thank you for stopping and reading this information and I hope to see you on more social media sites.. Rhonda








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