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Don’t talk yourself out of an opportunity

Talking yourself out of an opportunity

Today, I woke up with a great idea.. I have these flyers for my direct sales business that I made up and was going to throw away as they didn’t fit into what I wanted to tell individuals about, well I was going to take my business card and staple about five to the bottom and go to  various laundromats that had bulletin boards within my area and tack them to the board.

Mission accomplished on one action.. I did about 10 flyers, took my daughter to school, came back home, placed the flyers in a protective sleeve, got the tacks together and that’s it. I went no further than that because as I was thinking about the opportunity of maybe getting people to see the flyer my mind starting telling me that I was going to be wrong in doing the flyer in that manner.

Talking yourself out of an opportunity

The first thing that my mind stated to me was that the owner of the laundromat would tell me to take the flyer down from the bulletin board because the opportunity is just like the others on the board or that it was only for community related events or reading. Second thing that my mind was stating to me was no one is interested in your opportunity or that the opportunity is something that is old and drab and played out. Third thing was I was not presentable enough to go out on a cold and dreary day in Chicago to get this done in the first place as I hate being cold. Fourth thing was (totally stupid) Facebook would miss me if I didn’t post my opportunity to the wall first and then go out and get it done.

Talking yourself out of an opportunity

So here I sit in my home with these flyers all set and ready to go because as of right now (10:53am CST) the opportunity window has passed and I wanted to do it early as I am a early bird and as the saying goes ” the early bird catches the worm”.

But the real reason that I am not out there doing a simple 2 hour job of posting my opportunity to the bulletin boards of laundromats is I am scared senseless and I hate confrontation on anything , yes I am  wimp that’s just one thing about me that is crazy because I am mother to three kids and if you mess with them I am able to point and pound and tell you off or give reasonable reasons why they act up or doing crazy stuff or get into trouble.. being scared trying to get the word out about your opportunity does not bode well for this entrepreneur but I am pushing forward.

I understand that it is still early in the day and that I have about 6 more hours to go before I really need to be done with my errands and things ~ so maybe I will talk myself back into the opportunity and see that my fears were unfounded.


Talking yourself out of an opportunity

Have you ever just had the most awesome idea in the world and then you talked yourself right out of it? what actions did you take to get it done, if ever and what words of advice can you offer someone (me) going forward this year to not keep doing this action?

Beauty and fashion is my tag line due to my affiliation with two network marketing companies,  but as I go down this road to blogging I will enhance the blog to include those entities but now how about my fans, friends and customers get to know me?

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