Does your Blogging name fit with your message?

Recently I was talking on FB with a friend about my blogging and the things that I wanted to accomplish;as we talked and hashed about blog ideas and her joining as a follower to my site it hit me ..why did I choose MASTERPIECE943 as my handle?

One reason I have branded myself in my blog name, my blog was to be a personalized identity of me; Masterpiece943 came from a poem on instagram that described me and I wanted to always remember to never lose myself and that as I continue to grow in myself,  in brand, in my entrepreneurship experience ; I am creating a Masterpiece over and over again each moment, every minute, everyday that I am alive.

Branding your blog to share with the world is awesome and necessary to get people to notice your understanding of issues, sales, and share information that you may have. I understand,  but I wanted to showcase myself also so that I would never forget what the real reason was for the blog, hence MASTERPIECE943.


Beauty and fashion is my tag line due to my affiliation with two network marketing companies, as I go down this road to blogging I will enhance the blog to include those entities but now how about my fans, friends and customers get to know me?

What was your reason for choosing your blog name and have you ever thought about changing it to reflect another direction you are taking?

Want to know more about MASTERPIECE943?  Ask me questions in the comment section.   If you enjoyed this post Like and Share..








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