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The golden why of me being in business

The golden why

I was once like everyone else, I went onto to higher education and got a degree figuring that I would be settled into a job for life or at least a job that would lead me to being in the opportunity price range of what society needed me to be so that I can stay out of the poverty level.

I did what society wanted me to do and achieved a low self esteem in certain areas of my life ~ see I am very opinionated person and I voiced myself bravely and often while in the office setting so you know what that meant that I was the person that the supervisors were not happy with so yes I was fired or demoted on several occasions within these society job places ~ the places where I had chosen to actively go after and get interviewed and hired and make myself known. So after several years of going from job to job with a family and  knowing what the issue was in the job area I silenced myself on the job front, I became a yes person to any and everything (to a point) and in doing that it caused me to be the person without a voice in what to do with herself and how to  proclaim or position herself later as an authority in areas that she has knowledge on.

The golden why for me came one day


when I was at a job and I was bored out of my mind and wanted to do something different or at least incorporate something into what I was doing. Well enter my first network marketing why and it was something that I had been using forever and not even thinking of starting.. I wanted a discount on the items and since every time I received the order I had people asking where did I just get those items, it just seems to flow that I could make money within this market.

Now I knew nothing about the network marketing title attached to what I was doing, I was just giving the people the information, the product and the smile of being a great associate with an company.. When someone informed  me about network marketing it was not a shock but more like a back up wait a minute type of thing.. I am doing what with this company? dang it I don’t want to be a Bernie Sanders type of person and have to go to jail, honestly that was my first thought when I heard the term network marketing and my company mentioned in the same name.. I did my research and realized that was not the case, that if you don’t do the work you don’t get things for the people that you are talking, networking with.. I had a product that was tangible and available that was being used by millions of people around the world so how was what I was selling a network marketing scam.. whatever people go away.. that is when my voice came back because I had been doing the business for about six months and was getting good at making the company renown to the world of Chicago in certain areas that I was networking.

The golden why for me is all about re-education of people to the new

enhances that the company I work for, it has taken the time to rework the image of your grandmothers company, of a person knocking on a door and selling you the latest cosmetics. With the new enhancements and the addition of social media we are now a stronger company that has incorporated the needs of the modern individual (women, men and children) into  our brand as well kept basics that are well known updated and popular.

This golden why has let my voice come back slowly by letting people know network marketing is now a good way to make a living either part time, full time  or even as a JOB the flexibility of what I am doing now is just one of the things that I talk about when introducing my company to people, plus alot of people are doing it ~ take a chance and see where it leads you.. research one that has a connection with you and take a chance that you can make a difference, balance and personalize yourself in the overall outcome of the brand like I am accomplishing after two years.

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