Being strong for others, when you’re falling apart..

Being strong for others, when you’re falling apart

has been a constant image in my head for the past three – four months. You see in August of 2016 I quit my 9-5 to work on the entrepreneurial thing because it was taking up alot of my head space while I was working and I the thought was ‘well if i can make the money while at work why not do it full time?’ and guess what? I quit ~ no plan in place no concern for the fact that the money on the 9-5 was more than the money I was making on the entrepreneurial road  no thoughts at all except I wanted to “JUMP” and get into the world.

Well let me tell you that world came crashing down on my head pretty fast as I had forgotten that I am an emotional person underneath it all .. that first week I didn’t even get out the bed as I was thinking ‘what the hell have I done’ ‘bill, bills, bills who’s gonna pay my bills?’ and ‘ what if the hustle attitude is not really within me?’ well that week I was proven that I had no hustle no desire to work as an entrepreneur or so I thought.


Being strong for others, when you’re falling apart

Yes the freedom that I craved was there, I joined a church, I talked with more people, I gained some clients, I hustled just a little bit more,  I gained another adventure and I could come and go and do as I I pleased without a care in the world but I wasn’t making any money and money is and was what I needed..

I am struggling and it worries me to no end, but it is MY LACK of preparation that is getting me stuck to not having any money because I have the products, materials and the know how and the ideas in my head  to generate the money ~ if you are a AVON Rep, a Paparazzi Jewelry Rep, a Account Executive for a paper publication part time, a Notary Public, and branching into Virtual Assistant .. you have the money generation but leveraging all those  correctly and maybe to the world without someone “prompting” me on how to to it to  make the  money is what is keeping me back.

I have always worked for someone else and they have given me instructions on how to do this and that and how to go about getting the results they wanted.. I never felt the pressure of doing something for me and reaping the gains or the rewards after ~ that will be my  my purpose going forward, to know that the ideas, actions and  motions that I create will bring me revenue, friends, connections to make this entrepreneurial journey a good idea.


Being strong for others, when you’re falling apart..

I have given advice to others on how to do about getting the business they need off the ground and the systems that I have run across to get them motivated but what is getting me motivated? I always think that my faith and my presence will get me what is needed in the end and that the ‘hustle’ is for someone else that needs to do that.. well I am now in the ‘hustle’ mode; I refuse to go forward another year without a plan, a form of action, a call of action to all my money generation sources or feel guilty about the fact that this entrepreneurial thing is not as easy as I thought.

I am looking forward to getting my name out in the world, whether it is Chicago, Indiana, or the other cities I have visited.. I am going to take back my desire to be the best instead of mediocre and see what I can do be the strong person, the positive person and the friend to others that everyone says that I am. I will take my own advice and dig deep for this mess  of negative thoughts, no revenue generation and missing out on opportunity because I am not present is not going to continue in the New Year of 2017 for I am starting at the bottom but I am reaching for the top!

See you there of be square!

“Rumblings of a wanna be blogger”


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