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Do you think about Goals in Network Marketing?

Do you think about goals in Network Marketing?

Ok the time has come and you have decided that in addition to your regular nine to five job you need some other income, yes you have tried the part time job but that took time away from your family, and the other pleasures on weekends or even weekdays that you wanted to enjoy.

So you decide to look into outside marketing companies such as Mary Kay, Arbonne, ITWorks, AVON, etc. and you see that all those companies are all about how to connect to the consumer using a product line that you may or may not be familiar with. These companies testimonials from representative that tell you how great working for them are and how it you join you will make money selling their product and so on and so forth.

I have heard that story and in my case I was intrigued  on how the inside working of  Network Marketing would work for me, a tough as nails person that could spot a gimmick in a second ~ so guess what I did? I joined a network marketing company ~ AVON  not knowing that the it was whole world of opportunity, up and downs and climbing toward a goal or goals that I had never thought about.

Do you think about goals in Network Marketing?

So I get my starter kit ($15)  and was like ok now what? Bam! call from my AVON mentor and we walk through how to use the items within the kit to build a client base, Bam! I have clients that have either been introduced to AVON for the first time or reintroduced to AVON again.. Ok I am thinking I can do this and away I go .. but I hit a snag, I have clients using the products and incentives sent to me so where do I go from here? Do I keep working with these clients month after month so that can make the sale? Well no, I decide to look deeper into what I wanted to do with the company and Bam! I had my next opportunity idea.. Hold a seminar and talk about your experience with AVON and how it has transformed  you in the few months you have been with the company.

basic starter kit

Well the seminar was not a raving success but it taught me steps that I needed to achieve toward the goal of getting the seminar done. The goals was to present a seminar to people, the goal was to have more people know about the AVON Opportunity, the goal was to showcase myself as a regular person who has used the AVON Opportunity to move forward in a world that I was unfamiliar with in the beginning. It is awesome being a AVON representative and knowing that the tools, the people and the company is a around to help me succeed in goals, adventure and make  residual income at the same time. who wants to be somewhere where you can’t enjoy what you do with and for a company.


Do you think about goals in Network Marketing?

So AVON has introduced three new starter kits for incoming representatives and I couldn’t be more happy about this… These starter kits will help even more representatives grow their business and learn more about networking, goal setting and building clientele even easier because the tools listed and what they will showcase from each is kit will enhance the business that they (new representative) is trying to build.


These three starter kits are designed to build up momentum toward goals that you can achieve each month and have access to things that will make talking about AVON and the products that we have all the that much better going forward because you have the product before you and you may or may not have tried each one as a test, you will have a reference as to where to look within the brochure for information and online with your free website.

So my question about Do you think about goals in Network Marketing?  With these tools from a company such as AVON who wouldn’t have goals that would pull in income, clients, and bring out motivation to succeed in a company that cares about the success of the people that are representing the company. I hope that you will take a moment and look at each kit, ask questions about each kit and or look around my AVON representative site and get more involved with the new changes taking place.

Joining AVON

I would like for you to take a moment and check out our representative page that will explain some of the world of AVON and what it means to be an AVON representative  as well as  give you an opportunity to join my team, I am available to you if you need to talk more about joining:

Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981

Email: rmoore943@gmail.com or click the link below


  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Fill out your contract
  3. Choose your starter kit


One thought on “Do you think about Goals in Network Marketing?

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for liking the comment I made at Susie Lindau’s Linky Party. I wanted to come over and introduce myself and thank you.
    In response to what you wrote, I am definitely interested in network marketing since I’ve started blogging about it. I plan on blogging about it much more in the future. You and I are like-minded that way.


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