Are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?

Are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?

In the next couple of days, I will be talking more and more about a transition from what you know to be real and true to what is reality going forward for one of the companies that I represent. So be ready for new and improved as well as a change in how you do business with one of the leading brands in the direct selling business.

Are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?

I ask this question of are you ready? Do  you know what’s going on? so that we can continue being on good terms and not state that are pulling the punches at you and that you were not informed of the actions that are to be taking place in the week ahead. This is a week cramped full of trying to get individuals to understand the reasoning behind the change and how the change can be beneficial to them in the future. The regime of doing things the old fashion way will be coming to an end and the technology of the current mind set will be taking its place. So again I want to ask ” are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?”


Are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?

I know that I have spent several months asking for you to look at AVON and order items from AVON and I have even recruited via WordPress for AVON  and I appreciated the individuals that have talked with me and hinted that they wanted to start on the AVON adventure. Well I think that everyone is now well versed on the fact that AVON is the company that I represent and that AVON offers more than just cosmetics, fragrance, etc. This week September 12-15 is going to be a breakout of the out and branching out into the new and I for one am looking forward to working with AVON for my future.


So currently what AVON has going on is that we are always looking for great individuals to join our team and give the AVON opportunity a chance and learn the way to make income for their family and the things that they enjoy in life, and we have always brought that opportunity to the individual at a start of fee of $15, and that start up fee has started many lives on the road to residual income and opportunity.

Are you ready? Do you know what’s going on?

Well this week is a transition week for AVON and many people that have thought of us as a great start up for their entrepreneurial aspirations, we will be transitioning out of the $15 start up fee from Monday, September 12- Thursday, September 15 and in it’s place will be an more multiple level startup structure that will have you loving the AVON Opportunity even more.


In the coming days I will give you more information but I wanted to ask you “Are you ready? Do you know what’s going in? AVON’s transition will bring many to question what is going on and what the benefit will be for them but I at least wanted to give everyone and anyone a heads up on the transition from the old to the new.. Stay tuned.


Joining AVON

I would like for you to take a moment and check out our representative page that will explain some of the world of AVON and what it means to be an AVON representative  as well as  give you an opportunity to join my team, I am available to you if you need to talk more about joining:

Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981

Email: rmoore943@gmail.com or click the link below


  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter Rhondamoore as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $15 appointment fee







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