Helping you this Upcoming Holiday~ Annie the Owl

Annie the Owl

This is Annie the OWL, she is an  adorable, cuddly companion who loves to make new friends. Ultra-soft polyester plush, perfect for all ages. 13″ H x 9″ W x 6″ D.

Does your School, Club, or Organization need to raise money? Let me show you how with AVON Fundraising! Yes AVON does fundraising and this is my first one. Yep, pretty scary and exciting all rolled into one!

Annie the owl1

Donation or Adoption

Donate or  ADOPT ANNIE THE OWL  for the Holidays or  you can purchase an owl for $20.00 ~then take her home if you wish!

If you decide to do an donation you can donate as little as $1.00 to help me donate ANNIE the OWL to an organization be announced at a later date.

**all donations are tax deductible**

Don’t stop there, you can purchase one and donate one, it’s all up to you!

Help me in making the Holidays a little more special for the children this year! I am looking for individuals who have done this type of fundraiser before or is familiar with the fundraiser system so that I can get donations or adoption of Annie the Owl out to my community and surrounding areas.

Your Help is needed with support of ANNIE the OWL Fundraiser

I am offering either the donation or an adoption of AVON’S Annie the Owl~ this is my first fundraiser with this company and I am hoping to raise donation money and or have 50 Annie Owls to give away to charity.. I am really looking to partner with women / children shelters, firefighters, foster care organizations  or any community leader that can show me a good way to get this fundraiser off the ground as my inexperience has slowed me down a little.

I have appointments  to see a friend that may help, I have given the information to my local catholic school, I have reached out to the fire department in my area; and I will be attending a local CAPS meeting in my area to see if I can get more attention to the cause..

Thank you for your support!

Contact me: email me ~ rmoore943@gmail.com for more information!


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