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Going for an AVON Incentive

Going toward an AVON Incentive

This weekend and week  August 13-August 20, AVON and I would like your help for ME! If I can get five (5) individual people to order $20 or more from my estore  www.youravon.com/rhondamoore ~ I am eligible to get an Senses Orchid Apple Collection ~(Senses Fresh Orchard Apple Hydrating Shower Gel~ Bubble Bath & Body Lotion) and Senses Comforting Fig Collection (Senses Comforting Fig Hydrating Shower Gel~ Bubble Bath~ Body Lotion & Body Spray) , these two collection are a retail value of $54.00 and it would benefit me by adding to my sales tools for other to buy!


Going toward an AVON Incentive

But I wanted to give you a great way to help me .. if you spend $9.99 in my Estore www.youravon.com/rhondamoore and then pick up the Beauty Bundle for $14.99 that is a start toward $20 needed to help with incentive.

aug 13 18 incentive


beauty bundle 2


Personal note… I usually don’t ask for help in such a platform as I use my other platforms for this but I would really like to have this incentive in my arsenal this coming fall so any and all help would be appreciated at this time..(August 13- August 20 ~ 5 people with a $20 order).

If you require help with ordering online or you experience issues while ordering please feel free to contact me :

In touch





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