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Shopping options with your AVON representative

Shopping options with your AVON representative


When a customer shops my  eStore (www.youravon.com/rhondamoore)  they have two options for the delivery of their order –  AVON Representative Delivery and Direct (AVON) Delivery.

Shopping options with your AVON representative



When a customer orders and chooses Representative delivery  (Rhonda  Moore) the order will show up in their AVON  order cart and the AVON  representative (Rhonda Moore) will have to select and submit this order with her regular campaign at the end of the campaign date (14 days or so) . The  AVON representative (Rhonda Moore)  is responsible to collect the money and deliver the order. The  AVON representative (Rhonda Moore)  will either call or email to confirm that you have placed an order and the amount total. The AVON  representative (Rhonda Moore) requires that the payment for AVON orders placed into her cart are paid up front before she orders the items for you, AVON does not provide credit to the AVON Representative (Rhonda Moore) and submitting the order requires that the representative (Rhonda Moore)  use personal funds for the submission of an Personal Delivery from a customer, so paying upfront allows payment to her account to pay for the order. 



Direct delivery

When a customer chooses Direct Delivery 1~ the customer places the order, 2~ pays for the order online using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Card, 3~the order is delivered directly to the customer from Avon.

Customers can also use the Coupon Codes for Direct Delivery orders provided by Avon and or the  AVON representative when and where they were are available. Contacting the AVON representative  before submitting and order is the best way to get coupon codes that can get you either free items with a specific order amount or a percentage off a specific order amount. AVON and the AVON representative is all about providing great customer service and resources to help the customer have an enjoyable shopping experience on the AVON Representative site.


Joining AVON to enjoy shopping options as an Representative

I would like for you to take a moment check out my AVON representative page that will explain some of the world of AVON and what it means to be an AVON representative  as well as  give you an opportunity to join my team, I am available to you if you need to talk more about joining:

Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981
Email: rmoore943@gmail.com or click the link below


  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter Rhondamoore as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $25 appointment fee


AVON is not just about makeup anymore. AVON offers skin care, bath and body products, jewelry,  apparel, inspirational & wellness items and gifts. We have something for everyone,  men and children included.


3 thoughts on “Shopping options with your AVON representative

  1. HI there! Im very glad to find you right here on front page of the reader! avon products hold a special place in my heart for sure and ive been trying to find a shampoo i had as a kid it was lilac scent and in a lavender bottle with a round cap like a ball for a cap. I was always sure it was an avon product as it is my best friend in high school her first job was being an avon lady and then so was mine! does the shampoo ring a bell?

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    1. Hi Maureenrose7.. as you know we have changed our product packaging and brand several times over the years and since I am fairly new about 2 years I am not familiar with the product that you speak of.. our kids selection has gone through a makeover as well.. If you are not a current representative I would like to send over a link to my brochure so that you may look through and see if anything looks familiar

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