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Ways to Overcome Information Overload as an Entrepreneur

Ways to overcome information overload as an entrepreneur

Since I am a new entrepreneur myself I needed to do a lot of research on my entrepreneurial topics. I am an AVON Representative as well as a Bella Ornamenti Representative and I also want to use my skillset as a notary public to bring in income to my business.

In ways to overcome information overload as an entrepreneur I wanted to be sure that I was following about 2 good people that was the best in the industry and that would allow me to talk directly to them and would be accessible via email or webcam if necessary.

I researched  many people in my chore in how not to get into information overload, I skimmed various landing pages and Facebook pages looking for just the right people to help me get into the groove of the three entities that I wanted to be in.

The endeavor of not getting into information overload while searching for the right individual(s)  to guide me was not an easy task but I narrowed it down to these entities or qualities that would help me:

1~ years within the business, I wanted someone that everyone else was talking about on a regular basis and I could research on various websites for credibility

2~how they conducted themselves~was the information that they were talking about come with a deal that you had to purchase in order to learn more or gain insight, I stayed away from those individuals as I have limited income.

3~ how good they connected with people using the social media outlets that they claim to have utilized to get them where they are today and how they built themselves and their business from that spear.

I believe that information overload to an beginning entrepreneur will have them staying in the same place that they started and not venturing out because of the various ways that things could go wrong and how if they chose the wrong way they will fail.

As a entrepreneur making the jump to being  solo without the back up of an paycheck this will be the true test of if I have information overload and how I have taken the messages and information given to me and processed it to have a better future and utilized all the information given and reconstructed for my use via the two individuals that I chose to listen and follow.



18 thoughts on “Ways to Overcome Information Overload as an Entrepreneur

  1. Yes I have tried that once and just got sucked into another lead magnet that appeals to my other semsibilty for my mlm networking strategy.. Thank you for the comment much appreciated


    1. Thank you for reading, i am a horrible organizer at times, I misplace stuff and my brain is always running on overload with ideas.. I thank you for thinking of me and my enadeavor going forward and look forward to talking with you about your purchases with AVON and how I can help you.


  2. I don’t know if I can ever conquer information overload, but I certainly try. There’s always more to research, more to learn. I think part of the trick is to actually implement a percentage of what you learn before you move on to the next step. Otherwise it gets easy to stay stuck in the research phase. Your list of qualities make for a good way to start.


    1. Yes implementation is the key and using it correctly.. I have given my attention to about 5 good people that are helping me learn how to build my business and it is working out well..


  3. This is a great topic. With so much information and experts out there, it is hard to not become overwhelmed and paralyzed. It’s really important to know what you want to accomplish beforehand, that way you can seek specific information or individuals to teach you the way. Many entrepreneurs follow so many leaders going in multiple directions, it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time. I’m glad you mentioned you only selected a couple to research, very wise!


  4. Information overload is real and can stifle your business if you let it. Choosing a few people to follow is a wise idea. Then schedule time to go through all the freebies you’ve collected and links you’ve bookmarked. Delete what’s not helpful and implement the rest. While you’re in the implementation phase, make sure your voice is coming through. When we start following too many people or attempt to replicate what others are doing, we can lose our authenticity.


  5. I agree that information overload is real. I have several files full of information on my computer from various downloads and freebies that I’ve come across. I think finding a good way to manage all the information and your choosing to follow a limited amount of people is a good choice.


  6. I think your plan for avoiding information overload is a good one. Following just a few really great entrepreneurs in the same field is a wiser way to spend your time than following many. Best wishes with your 3 business ventures!


  7. Organization is the key for sure. I need more of it in my life. I plan on doing more within the next couple of months so I better get moving on that organization piece. Thank you for sharing.


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