Branding My AVON Team

Branding My AVON Team

You ask why do you need a team name for AVON? Isn’t AVON enough for your Team?

When I first started out in this AVON business, I just wanted to be the Masterpiece, meaning that I was one of a kind and that no one was going to sell AVON the way that I was going to, well that perspective changed when months later I was testing out the name and Team Masterpiece was just not sounding professional enough or catchy enough for people to remember and allocate me with AVON or me as an leader.

Then I got to thinking, what would be a great name for an AVON Team that would have the team members want to be the best they could possibly be as well as reflect that in their day to day actions? I wanted to have the things that spoke to me most often, motivation, positive atmosphere, creativity, purpose and the drive to get things done. I was trying all those words out and nothing really popped to me, so I placed the team name on hold for several weeks.. yes weeks not days.. I was really stumped  on what I should call my team (which I have 2 members) but it never hurts to be prepared  in the long run.

My AVON Team Name

I got to thinking on my interactions with the brand AVON and what did I want my team members to always have on there mind when interacting with customers, individuals on the street and or just life in general. I try to stay positive at all times as I see a silver lining in all situations that are presented to me. I have been told that I have a positive attitude, a great disposition and I am an all around great person with a cheerful demeanor, so all those items gave me the team name of POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE. Cool huh!

I am totally excited to have two members on my team that I can tell about team Positive Perspective as we are going to have great fun learning from each other, building our brand of AVON and just all around making sure that we keep a positive perspective on life.




Join Team Positive Perspective 

You want to join my team Positive Perspective and AVON  but are unsure about what is all involved?  I would like for you to take a moment and check out our representative page that will explain some of the world of AVON and what it means to be an AVON representative  as well give you an opportunity to join my team; I am recruiting and can assist with fast registration in this great opportunity.

Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981
Email: rmoore943@gmail.com or click the link below


  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter Rhondamoore as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $15 appointment fee



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