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Back Ordering AVON Campaigns

Back Ordering AVON Campaigns

Have you seen somethings within my last AVON  postings that you want to order? Well never fear you can back order two (2) AVON Campaigns. AVON allows customers to order this way so that the maximum time can be used to get everyone the items that they need.

All campaigns come with about 5-6 outlet booklets that enable you so to shop discount prices and / or items from previous sales.

I am currently in Campaign 15 ~ This campaign showcases our FRESH TAKE ON CLEAN, which introduces our ANEW Cleaners Brush and Cleansers~ the ANEW Clean Cleansers vary by form so that picking the right cleaner is easy ~ Our ANEW CLEANSING Brush has ultra soft bristles that gently yet effectively remove impurities and leaves your skin feeling deep cleaned. If you purchase our ANEW Cleansing brush you will get one brush head, need additional brush heads our ANEW Cleansing brush has refills available; where you will need to replace the brush heads every three months.

campaign 15           anew cleansing brush 2

These are now static brochures  (Campaigns 13-14) , you are able to see the item numbers that are linked to the product; but you will need to go www.youravon.com/rhondamoore and change the AVON Campaign number to one of the past campaign (i.e 14-13) and  input the item number  from that campaign into QUICK ITEM ENTRY so that you can get the item placed into your cart.

Back ordering AVON Campaigns

The first Campaign that you can back  order from is that of Campaign 14.  This campaign featured one of our signature perfumes Luck  this sophisticated and lavish scent will have you wanting live the fabulous life! A sophisticated blend of fresh strawberry, lavish lily of the valley and warm cedar wood. This brochure also featured  AVON Signature Clothing line ~ the White Dress, crocheted at sleeves and hemline dress up this summer dress, I have showcased just one of many dresses and items available in our AVON Signature Line that you will enjoy!

AVON Signature line is effortless style that’s totally wearable. Pieces that flatter your shape and fit in comfortably with your lifestyle. That’s the heart of Avon’s Signature Collection. Designed by Avon. Inspired by you. Meet your new favorite label.

campaign 14   white dress

The second campaign that you can  back order from is that of Campaign 13.  So many you received a catalog that showcased our lady in green but talked mostly about our Mark Catalog and the Maui collection. This collection in MARK showcased the Maxi dress, The wood and gold accents plus varies summer trend combinations that would make your vacation stand out with their signature line.campaign 13            all is calm dress

Back ordering AVON Campaign

I like the fact that I am an AVON Representative and able to give you great prices from our current and two previous campaigns.. By being an AVON Representative I showcase the best in cosmetics, apparel, men, women;  jewelry, bath and body, etc. This avenue to give you the best from company that has been around for 130 years means that I trust, and value the quality of the product that they put out into the world for customer usage.

Have you thought about becoming an AVON Representative 


As you can see I am a AVON representative and I am looking for people that I can work closely with that want to make a financial change in the rest of 2016.  Signing up with AVON is only $15.. People with resilience and up to the challenge of building a team of like minded individuals. This isn’t for the faint of heart. If interested leave a comment for more information.
You want to join but are unsure about what is all involved? I see those wheels spinning and I would like for you to take a moment and check out our representative page that will explain some of the world of AVON and what it means to be an AVON representative  as well give you an opportunity to join my team right then and there if you use the REFERENCE CODE: Rhondamoore..






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