Mark ~Avon’s Essential To Summer Fun

I am really excited about our Mark magalog from my AVON Campaign 14 this month.. June is going to be a fantastic time to share the fashions and accessories as well as the cosmetics that we have from this magalog.

Check out this selection below that features the latest in Summer Fashion; off the shoulder dress with a high low import, fringe sandals that any women would enjoy, vibrant colors that are going to make you stand out in the crowd, and jewelry accessories that make it all pop!

mark magalog pic

So when you go to tie it all together you get this great style. AVON has gone above and beyond in the Mark magalog to showcase the latest fashion trends and how you can be vibrant and cool while chilling with friends, family and or any adventure that comes your way for 2016.

mark magalog pic2

mark has more fashion and more accessories to go around and I will be posting more fashion and summer fun photos to help you get ideas on how to start a great summer!

If you like what you have seen so far why not go ahead and look at my website!

avon msg




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