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Ways to Overcome Information Overload as an Entrepreneur

Ways to overcome information overload as an entrepreneur Since I am a new entrepreneur myself I needed to do a lot of research on my entrepreneurial topics. I am an AVON Representative as well as a Bella Ornamenti Representative and I also want to use my skillset as a notary public to bring in income… Continue reading Ways to Overcome Information Overload as an Entrepreneur

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AVON Outlet Campaign 14

AVON Outlet Campaign 14 ~Find your Truth Every day now when we are amongst the people of the world we need to have some type of  motivation that can help us understand, get through or just be so that as a individual we can have happiness and peace within ourselves.. AVON has Three Essential Truth… Continue reading AVON Outlet Campaign 14

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Back Ordering AVON Campaigns

Back Ordering AVON Campaigns Have you seen somethings within my last AVON  postings that you want to order? Well never fear you can back order two (2) AVON Campaigns. AVON allows customers to order this way so that the maximum time can be used to get everyone the items that they need. All campaigns come… Continue reading Back Ordering AVON Campaigns

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Summer Trending with AVON

Longer days and sizzling nights calls a new scent for summer that is sophisticated with a  lavish scents so that you can feel that you are living the  fabulous life!  the Luck Perfume for her is a  blend of fresh strawberry, lavish lily of the valley and warm cedar wood. Longer days and sizzling nights calls for white… Continue reading Summer Trending with AVON


Mark ~Avon’s Essential To Summer Fun

I am really excited about our Mark magalog from my AVON Campaign 14 this month.. June is going to be a fantastic time to share the fashions and accessories as well as the cosmetics that we have from this magalog. Check out this selection below that features the latest in Summer Fashion; off the shoulder… Continue reading Mark ~Avon’s Essential To Summer Fun