Scratching Backs Still Exist



I am sitting at my desk late afternoon thinking to myself.. I post all this stuff to my social media accounts and no one is engaging with me.

I keep hearing are you engaging with your outside people that need to hear about your business opportunity? I am posting to start the conversation about my business opportunity and no one is engaging back.

Are we still in the age of you scratch my back, I scratch your back? I am trying to scratch peoples backs but they seem to have their fronts turned  around and their noses in the air about hearing what I am trying to say to them.

I have scratched a couple of backs just to be stabbed in the back all over again.. I get it you only want to be bothered with the people that are handing you something for free, or even a person or an organization well established ..  well I can be that person, you never know who I know and how I utilize my contacts.

We are all looking for the fastest plan and the quick business opportunity but when you strike down someone unknown to get there you are losing out on great potential and the opportunity to further your relationship with one but many individuals you know nothing about.

I will continue to post to my social media page where I only get two or three likes on my post about AVON and 50-100 likes and shares about my personal  life and obligations  .. but I WILL ALSO STOP liking your posting and sharing, what’s the point? you are gaining by my sharing and liking and I get nothing in return..

Rhonda Moore



2 thoughts on “Scratching Backs Still Exist

  1. The individuals you talk about are precisely the type of folks you should not worry about going forward. You have seen that they’re not going to be reciprocal in their support of you and your endeavors, so you should continue with the marketing and networking, and continue to try to reach “your people” – and eliminate those individuals from your radar who aren’t supportive, those who have promised to be supportive of you who have not been, and those individuals who never had it in their minds to be supportive of you to begin with. If social media marketing was easy, everyone would be doing it

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