Talk to the AVON Lady

questions 2


Today I want to engage my followers to talk with me. I am really looking forward to conversations with individuals that are familiar with the brand of AVON.

Here are some of the topics that could be covered under this title;

How much does it cost to join AVON?

What are the benefits of joining AVON?

How do I go about getting clients with the AVON Brand?

How do I collect payment for AVON purchases?

Is the Online Site secure for my customers?

How do I collect my commission with AVON?

Those are just few questions but if you have anymore please feel free to drop me a note and I will answer them.




Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981
Email: rmoore943@gmail.com



  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter Rhondamoore (one word) as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $15 appointment fee






3 thoughts on “Talk to the AVON Lady

  1. What a great idea for a blog post! You can actually turn this into a series, maybe do an Talk to the AVON Lady about skincare, makeup, bath and body products, etc. Also, have you considered doing this as a live “party” on Twitter or as an Facebook event? I think I may have to “borrow” your idea, if you don’t mind 😉!

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    1. Hi Mistie
      I have not thought of it in that sense.. that would be a great idea, just need more participants and maybe we can go forward working on that.. You may go ahead an “borrow” my idea no problem.. I will think along the lines that you talked about.. Thank you for the input!

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      1. I know what you mean about needing more participants. I always just write and post like I have hundreds of followers already and just wait to see who gives me input 😆. Be encouraged, you’re on the right track!

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