What’s the Point?

I am doing everything that the “AVON Leaders” are telling me to do for me to get new customers..

blogging: I have two blogs one on word press and the other on blogger and no one is following that..

FB: I post to my personal page and my business page and I am not excessively spammy at all.. I post in the mornings and then I schedule the other posts..no one likes the post.

tumblr: I have found out how to work that platform and still no one is liking my post as well as looking at the post.

Instragram: I like that platform but all I seem to get from them is other marketing people that want to teach me how to market to others.. I am not looking for that I am looking for customers or at least consumers that are interested in buying AVON on a fairly good basis with me.

Twitter: I tweet and tweet more and get the same as instragram in followers.

I am out on the weekends handing out the brochure to people and getting contacts and calling as well as texting them for reminders and still nothing.

Is this AVON thing a fluke or just a game of luck that you have to know people and more people to get customers and consumers or are those one in the same..

I know one thing I am getting really tired of people using the competitor and they are nt as diverse as AVON is..

End of my rant and maybe my Direct Selling of this product.



2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. Don’t give up. The advice you’re getting is from people who stuck it out. Their success did not come overnight. The things that they tell you do work. Have you tried any paid ads? I find that I got a little more activity with that but my budget is small right now.

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    1. Hi maria; this will pass I understand .. I want to give up but I have people that won’t let me mainly you and KC.. but anywho.. I get so discouraged when my friends pick the competition to place their makeup or facial money in and have me out there wasting my words on them.. if you are not interested just say so and I will stop talking about My business.. I am just discouraged that all because I thought that this person was someone that could be trusted with my brand.. I have did the paid ads and engaged through the paid ads and still nothing.. what am I suppose to do?


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