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AVON has implemented a 40% discount program to all new representative .. This discount opportunity is an exclusive “development” program for new representatives in their first four (4) campaigns with AVON.
The program will begin in AVON’S Campaign 4, 2016 and run for limited time for New AVON representatives.

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This program will allow new representatives to receive an guaranteed 40% discount on all variable earnings products in each of their first 4 campaigns when they have sales of $100 or more in each campaign. In addition to this incentive new representatives will receive a beauty sample assortment in each campaign where he or she has qualifying sales of $100 or more.

If the representative has sales of $100 or more in all four campaigns in which they start, he or she will receive an bonus product bundle, in his or her next order.

Interested? I would be also, so to participate in the program the new representative must have qualifying sales or $100 or more in EACH of the first four (4) campaigns. The new representative will get the qualifying sale(s) with qualifying calculations only if the new representative places his or her first order on YOURAVON.COM. At the time of the new representative set up they will also receive an website where they will be able to place their first order. If the new representative places his or her first order on their E-store site, the sales plus any other E-store orders will be combined to calculate the first $100 order, provided that the sales occur within the same campaign.

In addition if the new sales representative does not place a first order on their YOURAVON.COM  E-store and AVON sales center for $100 or more any purchase will count as the first campaign receive the 40% discount on all variable earning products.
AVON also requires that the AVON representative has a good standing account, they are not to have any past balances not paid, during the first four campaigns.

When all the requirements has been met by the new AVON Representative the beauty sample assortment rewards will be included in the New Representative’s next campaign order placed on their YOURAVON.COM E-store and become available within the next two(2) campaigns after qualifying.

When all the requirements have been met by the new AVON Representative the Bonus Product Bundle will become available during the representatives fifth (5) campaign order. If earned, the representative must in addition place a fifth or sixth order on their YOURAVON.com E-store site. If the new AVON Representative does not place an order within those two addition campaigns they representative will forfeit the bundle.
If you are a former AVON Representative and want to sign up again you do not qualify as a new representative and won’t qualify for this incentive from AVON.

Qualifying campaign sales incentives include that of online orders, direct delivery orders, sales center orders and representative delivery orders for the $100 qualifier program.
Currently all AVON Representatives receive a 20% discount on direct delivery orders, however the representative will get an additional 20% discount if he or she has placed the sale order of $100 or more at the close of the campaign, this additional discount will show up as an adjustment on the New Representative next invoice.

I am recruiting and can assist with fast registration.

Please contact me via:
Call/ Text: (773) 577-0981
Email: rmoore943@gmail.com



  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter RHONDA MOORE as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $15 appointment fee

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