Scared to Step out?

stepping out

Once upon a time, I was a brash young woman who didn’t care what others thought of me and how I acted; they didn’t like it? Well that was their issue not mines.

But one day a little kid came into my life and I saw that the attitude I had toward life changed I had to be upstanding citizen to raise an upstanding citizen and if he followed by previous interactions then he would turn out to be not such a nice person and I didn’t want that for my child nor children (3).


So learned to control my impulsive behavior and just cruise with the life that I had built with my children.. Now I am not saying that I am complete saint Not in this lifetime, I still tell it like it is but with thinking involved in regards to who I tell.

But with this control I see that I have lost my ability to just go outside of myself and tell things, I sometimes need to talk with people but I get so tongue tied because I feel the judgement of my words are going to have me engage in a conversation where I need to defend my views and then the thinking begins and I am placed into the spotlight.. I use to love the spotlight, how do I go back to a little of the spotlight?

I answered with honesty.. I really don’t know .. that besides that of selling the product and getting free product I have the slightest idea..did I want to build a team? Did I want to make lots of money? Did I want to network with others? Sure doesn’t everyone but how do I go about making this happen?

The title began by saying SCARED TO STEP OUT.. oh well not anymore… well maybe just a little.. but as the day gets closer (10 days) where I am to talk about being an representative at the beginning and how to become an representative, I see that this will be a turning point within my life where I am able to talk or convey comfortably my intentions and maybe even my results without being nervous about standing up talking, nervous of the outcome and dealing with the fallout of failure (not going to happen).

My seminar on May 7, 2016 at Englewood Blue in Chicago will be a great stepping stone for me and I am coming to realize that I can do this as long as I have the ideas and creativity and people in my life that will keep me grounded and on my toes in regards to making things happen.


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