Social Media~The Journey

I am an up to date social media person and I try to stay in tune to what the latest trends are. I recently had to put to paper all the sources that I am connected with so that I could tell individuals how to reach me socially and I was shocked about how many websites I have attached to me and the brand of AVON.

My adventure with social media and AVON began because I wanted to have better access to the product and thought becoming a representative would be a great way. AVON and social media has totally opened up my closed mind on the benefits of each one list above.

My thoughts were there were social entities that only those really interested in the Internet would know about and how was I as a novice going to interact really well with these media types just by selling a product? Didn’t I need to know code, html code precisely but I came to understand that anyone could do the posting to social media sites so I just plotted which one I wanted to join and worked with the issues as they came.
I am not saying that I am a expert and that I know everything but when it comes to AVON and the idea of getting the idea of AVON out to the main stream that should know but it brings exposure to the product and I  then I am all for joining all media outlets.

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