Why Our Why’s Sometimes Change

Why did I want to become an AVON Representative? I wanted to become an AVON Representative because I was buying the product at a great rate anyway and the person who was making the commission off my spending was making money from me hand over fist. So one day I decided why not sign up and see if you can get the same results?

Well upon signing up it discovered that it was not going to be an easy thing to do and that a little work was involved:

Brochures—website start up-social media pages- email listings were all involved, well I was intimidated at first as I didn’t have the many friends, and new next to nothing about social media, and website; that was something that my job told me to go onto when I needed to get things done for work. How was I to go about getting these customers if I needed to be more sociable via those avenues?

Well I jumped in head first and I got my brochures and got onto the sites that AVON wanted me to do.. I did the AVON website: youravon.com/rhondamoore and told all my 137 friends on Facebook about this page that would help them order the products faster and get them faster via direct delivery. Well that was failure of sorts, people started complaining that I was pushing my product onto them when they didn’t want it as well as they could get the same product but with a better quality from other store departments without the wait. So I then set up a Facebook page especially for my AVON and it is working out well or at least better than I expected.

Campaign 8

I set up a tumblr , well that was an experience in itself as I was kinda of familiar with the site but not as it is being used now for me so I had to block a couple of people that wanted to show me things that didn’t match my ultimate goal.. My tumblr page is a great source for me to showcase my writing and the fact that you can add hashtags to it was also fabulous for me.


I set an Instragram page and that was not as stressful as Tumblr but I am learning that process and it is fun to see that people are liking my posting about AVON and that the things that I post and they want to be friends with me.. I try to be more well-rounded but my main objective is to showcase the AVON products in the best light and get individual’s engaged with me about the products.


But in the mist of all that I started acquiring hands on products and wanted to get a more face to face value to the products, so I looked into vendor locations that would make me more visible to the public as to associate AVON with my name. So I did several events and sold some product and it was exciting to have my name out in the community.

I then proceeded to think about growing my team since I was about 8 months in and I was stable with the knowledge and other fantastic things that AVON and the association has given to me.  AVON Recruitment  meant also that I was going to more face to face with the community and that individuals that joined me in the AVON Journey would benefit well from the incentives being offered to them. I was able to recruit two people to my team and I am always looking for me individuals to join this awesome adventure.


My why has changed in the months leading up to today, first wanted to do it because I wanted the product for myself and then my why changed into bringing the great incentives, products and brochures that AVON has to offer to the people of the community and world that I travel every day.

Everyone needs a WHY when the want to have a dream, a reason for life, or being in the world.. Have you ever thought about your WHY?







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