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What do you want?

I want a happy life, so I surround myself with good people that understand me and that knows that conflicts make me crazy.

I want sales in my AVON so I go about advertising, via my blog, my FB page, and talking about AVON everywhere I go.

I want love so I have given my heart to my best friend and confident and it is paying off so well; I am happier in life than anything and hope to stay that way until the end.


I have an excuse as to why I don’t wash the dishes in my house, I hate the way my hands wrinkle up when I wash them; so my kids do them for me.

I have an excuse for why I don’t perm my hair and keep it natural, I don’t want to keep placing my money in the hands of people for a hairstyle that is only going to last two weeks when I can put my own hands in my hair and grow and come out just as gorgeous from it’s natural god given state.

This statement of words hit me today as I was surfing my FB page so profoundly that I had to say something.. well I hope you think on the things that you can make happen and what excuses you give out when you don’t want things to happen, as we only have this one life and we always get to choose how we want to live and work it to your benefit.




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