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Today was the coldest day yet for Chicago, I stepped out my house into snow, not alot no more than 2 inches but I wasn’t prepared.. I have on my riding boots as I was paying attention to the weather report but not paying attention to the fact that we had snow..

Anywoo.. As I was walking I started to think about the effect that hard wind was having on my exposed skin and what I didn’t do before I had left out the house, didn’t place moisture on my hands so that when I take my hands out my gloves they are not cracked feeling, I didn’t place moisture on my face, as I didn’t put any foundation on but I did do the eyeliner (always), those things got me to thinking of the products that AVON offers that would benefit me at that moment.. so here I go and I hope that you are better at being prepared in the cold weather than I was this morning.


My AVON store had emailed me this morning about Skin so Soft Savings, so I took alot at those.. for the individuals not familiar with AVON Skin So Soft collection it is a variety of body essentials from feet, skin, body, face, bath, etc.. that will keep you coming back for more in how great the product is in terms of affordability and maybe even size, the products offered are not small by any means they are usually ranging from 12-32 oz. and that is alot in today’s standards and then the deals are great also you can usually do the #BOGO or 2 for something in our Body Essentials area..

The offers that I picked up today were just in time from AVON’s Campaign 3 brochure. They are offering great deals.

Skin So Soft Winter Soft


AVON’S #Winter soft collection is for a person that enjoys that smell of jasmine, and sandalwood.. this collection was and is formulated to treat and moisturize dry, winter skin  as it is infused with babassu oil, shea butter and vitamin E.. the WinterSoft Collection includes Body Cream, Body wash, Hand cream.

Skin So Soft Signature Silk

My other great find was that of our Signature Silk collection line;  this collection comes in a variety of different combinations & scents for the body lotions and the shower gels.

1- Original scent (Fresh Herbal Scent) 2-Soft & Sensual (Spicy Floral Scent) 3-Signature Silk (Peony & Musk Scent) 4-Supreme Nourishment (Warm Macadamia & Vanilla Scent) 5- Firm & Restore (Green Floral Scent).. AVON has the best deal for there signature silk  collection as you can see.. 2 for $9 and they come in as 11.8 oz. WOW!


Skin So Soft Original Shower Gel


If you want to start the day off with a great cleansed feel (haha) why not go for AVON’S shower gel..these little bottles are my favorite and they soften and conditions my skin, l don’t care too much that they have Jojoba Oils in them I care that they don’t dry out my skin after I step out the shower and I need to #moisturize more than necessary who needs that? they come in three varieties at the moment when not attached as  set to our body collections: Original, Soft and Sensual and Signature Silk. Man these would go well with the signature silk collection listed above right?


Skin So Soft Bonus Size

AVON must know that people need moisture right now for those winter months as they are offering two great deals.. they have bonus size Bath oils and Body lotions for $9.99 each in the skin so soft collection.. There bonus sizes are 24 &  33. 8 ozs. compared to our original size of 11.8  that you usually get.. This bonus size collection  come in the same great scents listed above..


Anew Travel Size Collection

And with us being on the move so much we know we need to have the same things available to us in a snap, so AVON has little mini helper essentials to get us through our day:  we will start off with mini #moisturizers, they are mini day and night creams in 5 oz containers that will give you a two  week supply of usage. Get a day and a night cream as the saving are great and maybe later you will want to pick up a bigger container later.


AVON Care & AVON Solutions Collection

The second little helper essential that AVON is offering is that of daily care moisturizers, these mini helper essentials are for the face, and hands, they can be used to firm area, diminish problem areas and moisturize and nourish problem areas. They are containers that range from 1.7 -6.7 fl oz and offer a variety of solutions to your problem needs.


Avon Hand Creams

Last but not least we need to have help essentials in every nook and cranny of our home, office, car, purse, gym bag, etc.. so AVON is offering a great deal for your hands but wait the catch is that they are full sized and they don’t cost alot..how in the world do they offer these great #hand creams at this great price?  These 3.4 fl oz tubes will be your life saver in a jam when you are in most need of moisture.. and yes the silicone glove is available at this great price


So as I browsed through the campaign 3 brochure I highlighted and thought about all the items that I will be ordering so that I won’t be caught unaware again for a cold Chicago weather day.



  1. Visit sellavon.com
  2. Enter RHONDA MOORE as your reference code
  3. Fill out your contract
  4. Pay your $15 appointment fee






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