Celebrate the Beauty in Us!

I want to give you some great ideas for what you can get from Campaign 1 2016 of the AVON Catalog.

Campaign 1 blog post


AVON has decked out their comfy Memory Foam slippers with glam, jewel-like embellishments and a fabulous zebra print.. and guess what in Campaign 1 they are starting at $9.99 each.

Got a weekend trip planned, go forth in style! Treat yourself to this travel-ready collection featuring a mixed pattern that is unique and chic.. get ready for the compliments.  It includes a Weekender Duffle, Backpack and Cosmetic bag.. the Vintage Print Collection is starting at $9.99-19.99.

weekender Set

If you are a customer that is interested in a daily beauty regime but don’t want to constantly want to re-order or you are always in danger of running out of your favorite AVON Skin care product.. why not just join AUTO-REPLENISH ? you will select your frequency of the delivery and then receive the product(s) at a guaranteed low price with free shipping; every time, how great is that?

auto replenish


This page is a great resource for Avon Products from a reputable representative.. I am asking for your support of this page with a purchase of any featured Avon product. These products are linked to my Avon eStore:  where you can shop securely and conveniently 24 hours 7 days a week. I thank your for support and I am grateful for your business!






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