2016 Goal Word


If you were asked to pick one word your New Year what would it be?

I was recently asked to pick #oneword for 2016.

My thought process for this involved several things..

1-family, as a mother of 3 (24, 22 and 12) where did I want to head for them this year? Thought: Move them more into independence and less to seeking my advice on things.. I felt that I was hindering them by always having the available answers ..yes they are grown men and a little girl but they need to commit to themselves the issues of their daily actions and have me as a silent but watchful p? rotector on the sidelines.


2. Personal life- I have a fantastic boyfriend, who I know is my soul mate as he has been through thick and thin with me.. we have a great relationship but I am scared of things to come “engagement” will he or won’t he propose.. all through the holiday I was walking around saying it’s gonna happen and guess what? nothing, not that he hasn’t dropped hints or anything he is going to do it but WHEN? stay tuned!!


3. Work–I recently negotiated down my duties as I made the mistake to think that I was a great multitasker of an office and people and come to think that I wasn’t and the stress of things were driving me up the wall. I couldn’t handle being everything to everyone and my time was not prioritized correctly to see that I could no matter what I did during my 10 hour day, so I decided that I wanted to focus on one main job and asked for a demotion to Receptionist and it is working wonders..

4. Side Job.. I am an Independent Sales Representative for AVON.. Yeah I know everyone uses Mary Kay.. well I don’t because Mary Kay is just cosmetics and not apparel, jewelry, kids, women, ,men, etc. friendly.. Hey if i wanted to pigeon hole myself into one thing I would also go to selling Mary Kay but I didn’t.. So my side job is advertising, talking and doing AVON vendor events whenever my other job allows.


So  my word for 2016 is GROWTH because I have so much to learn and the steps needed to learn are waaaay out of my comfort zone: I have to learn to COMPROMISE, Build A Future with Two instead of One; I need to talk freely about my business venture (AVON) to complete strangers, I need to learn Patience, and so many more things that it seems overwhelming to me..
Definition (GROWTH): The act or process or manner of growing, development; a gradual increase..




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